Alphamoon Workspace as an Action

A quick guide on how to set up an Action
Follow the instructions below and learn how to easily set up Alphamoon Workspace as an Action.
Let's get to it!

What is Action?

Zaps consist of a trigger and one or more actions. Each action represents a specific operation that the user wants to perform in response to the trigger event. When a trigger event occurs in one app, Zapier initiates the associated actions in other connected apps.

How to use Alphamoon Workspace as an Action?

Select “Alphamoon Workspace” from the available apps while setting up the action:
Select Alphamoon Workspace
Select the “Create new file processing” event:
Create a new file processing
Authenticate to Alphamoon Workspace by hitting the “Sign In” button:
  • In the newly opened pop-up fill in the Organization ID (for multi-user organizations).
  • Log in to Alphamoon Workspace as always using your email and password or using a Google account.
  • Hit the Continue button.

Organization ID

Single-user organization

You can leave the Organization ID field blank - Zapier will connect to your personal space and processes in Alphamoon Workspace.

Multi-user organization

If you are a member of the multi-user organization you can get access to your Organization ID from the User Profile page in the Alphamoon Workspace.
Copy it to your clipboard from the Organization section and paste it directly to the Organization ID field in the Zapier authentication pop-up.
Zapier saves the authentication details for later use so you will be able to select the same account to connect to Alphamoon Workspace trigger or action in other Zaps without the need to authenticate manually again.

Set up the action

  • Enter the filename (with extension) of the file you want to process.
  • Enter the raw file contents (it should come as a field provided by the trigger).
  • Select the Alphamoon Workspace process you want to use.
You can use the fields provided by the Zap trigger or previous actions. In the example below the required fields are filled using the dynamic values provided by the Dropbox trigger.
Pay attention to populate the File field with the actual File represented by Zapier by the dynamic field described as (Exists but not shown).
Set up action

Test the action

  • The example file should be available in the selected process in Alphamoon Workspace.
  • Testing ensures that everything is configured correctly and can be used in an automated way.
Bear in mind that Zapier allows you to add multiple actions to your Zaps.
Looks like you are now a Pro in terms of setting up Actions! You are ready to create Zaps and level up your document automation.

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