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Welcome to the page where all the answers are
We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them as best we can. So that you could fully focus on all the fun of automating your document processing.


What document formats does Alphamoon Workspace process?
Our platform supports a variety of formats. Go to Supported Document Types to learn more.

Data Extraction

What kind of information can be extracted from documents?
The type of information depends on your needs. Based on your request, as well as the type of document, you can extract names, surnames, addresses, amounts of money, etc.
Want to learn more? Go to the Configuration of Extraction tab.
Which fields can be extracted with Alphamoon Workspace?
There is a large number of types of information that can be extracted using Alphamoon Workspace.
You can create custom fields - allowing you to recognize any fields - by using our general model or use specific models for Invoices and Receipts:
  • invoice number
  • all necessary dates: invoice date, sell date, order date, payment due date
  • payment method, bank name, account number
  • amounts: total amount due, total net amount, total tax amount, total amount, currency, SWIFT, IBAN, net amount, vat amount
  • seller data: name, address, vat number, phone, e-mail, website, VAT-ID
  • buyer data: name, address, vat number, phone, e-mail, website
  • receiver data: name, address, phone, e-mail, VAT-ID
  • billing data: name, address
  • items table
  • tax table
  • invoice number
  • date
  • customer data: name, number
  • tax
  • store name
  • time
  • total amount
Can users adjust the information in the fields themselves?
Yes. Although the automatic data extraction accuracy can reach up to 98%, you can edit every single one manually.

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