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Data Export

A quick know-how on exporting your files
Want to export your data?
You can do it either from the Queue or from the Supervision Mode view.
Note: Alphamoon Workspace enables you to safely export and download your extracted data in CSV (by selecting this option you can also receive a ZIP file), JSON, or XLSX.

Export data from the Queue view

  • First, select the process you are interested in to go to the Queue:
  • Now, depending on what you need, select one document or more, and choose the Export icon.
  • If you select only one file, all you need to do is to choose in which format you want to export your file and download it to your device.
Select you exported file fomat
  • If you selected more than one file, we will ask you to select an output type: A single output file - refers to a file that contains all the desired output or results of an extraction process. Instead of having multiple separate files, the output is consolidated into a single file for convenience and ease of use. Individual files per collection - refers to a method or approach where data or information is stored and organized in separate files for each collection. Instead of consolidating all the data into a single file, each collection has its own individual file.
  • Next, choose the file format.
One more step: Click the Confirm button and you are good to go!
Queue - export

Export data from the Supervision mode

Enter Supervision
  • Make sure all the data is correct. Next, follow the quick guide below:
Export data
Awesome, looks like you now have all the knowledge to export your files on your own.
Hint: Want to take your file export to the next level? Check out the benefits of Zapier Integration.

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