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Supervision mode enables you to manually check and accept all the necessary data you need to extract from your files. Let's quickly go through how to access the Supervision view in the first place and what actions it provides.
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How to access the Supervision view?

First, select one of your processes in the Dashboard area. Once you are in the Queue view, simply click on the chosen collection.
You can enter the Supervision if your collection has the Needs review or Accepted status.
Enter Supervision

Supervision actions you can perform

From the Supervision level, you get the opportunity to manually check your files, e.g.:
  • Make changes to annotations - either add, assign, or remove them
  • Edit the values of the extractions
  • Open and edit the table mask
  • Open and edit extracted tables
  • Safely export your data in formats such as CSV, XLSX, and JSON

Interested in a specific use case?

Here we have gathered the popular Supervision topics that you may find useful along the way:

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