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It all starts with creating the process - either one of the primary ones (Invoices, Receipts) or your own from scratch. It is the process that you will upload files to and create your collections.
On this page, you will find some basic information regarding the processes.
In a hurry? Go straight to the specific process-related use cases.

What is the process?

At Alphamoon we call the process a list of collections (files) representing a business process that leverages data from processed documents.

Types of processes

Alphamoon Workspace offers you primary processes, such as Invoices and Receipts as well as the possibility to create your own process:
Types of processes
Note: Once you upload files to your process they are listed as collections on the Queue page.
​Click here to learn more about statuses you may see during processing your files.

Interested in a specific use case?

Here we have gathered the popular process-related topics that you may find useful along the way:

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