An essential Zapier integration guide
To make it easier for you to integrate our IDP platform with Zapier, we have prepared a short example showing connecting Alphamoon Workspace with Google Drive using Triggers and Actions.
Let's get started!

How to set up a Zapier integration?

To set up a Zapier integration, you first need to create a Zap, which is an automation workflow that connects two or more apps together. Each Zap is composed of one trigger and one or more actions. The trigger, starts the automation flow, pushing the result to further processing by actions.
If you are new to Zapier, feel free to follow the official guideline or follow the detailed instructions for Alphamoon Workspace triggers and actions.

Example - Alphamoon Workspace & Google Drive integration

See how you can use the processing result in actions on the example of the integration of Alphamoon Workspace and Google Drive.
Let's say every time a new field appears in your Google Drive you want to create a new file processing in Alphamoon Workspace.

Set a Trigger

First, set up App & event. In our case, the app would be Google Drive. The event - New File. Now, hit the Continue button.
App & event
Sign in to your account to go to the third step which is setting up a Trigger.
Choose your Drive and click the Continue button.
Now you can test your Trigger.

Set an Action

Once you have your Trigger, time to set up an action which is creating a new file processing in Alphamoon Workspace.
First, choose our Alphamoon Workspace (0.2.0.) app and choose the "Create new file processing" option. Hit the Continue button.
App & Event
Sign in to your Alphamoon Workspace account to go to the third step - setting up an Action.
At this stage select the:
  • Filename
  • File (an actual file, public URL, string)
  • The process that will be the destination for new documents (in our case - My processes).
All you need to do is to click the Continue button and you are ready to Test & Publish your Action.

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