How to edit the value of the extraction?

A step-by-step guide

If you want to edit the values of the extraction, you have two ways to do that. You can either do One field edit or Toggle the edit mode to make changes to more fields.

Let's see how each option works in practice.

One field edit

Hover on the selected field and click on the three dots. Next, select the Edit option. From here you can change the label of your field as well as its value. Already done that? Cool! Now click the Done button to save your settings.


You can also edit the field by selecting specific words on the document viewer.

Toggle the edit mode

Another way to edit the values of the extraction is to do that from the edit mode level. In order to do that simply click on the Toggle edit mode icon on the top of the extraction list.

Now you should see all the fields listed and ready to be edited.

Don't forget!

Once you have made some changes to your fields, click on the Done button to make sure they will be applied.

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