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Table Data Extraction

Learn how to extract table from your document
Adjust the table data extraction to your needs by editing already existing fields or creating new ones.
Let's go through the whole process from scratch.

Start with the Configuration

First, select one of your processes from your Dashboard. Once you are in the Queue view, click the Configuration tab at the top of the page (next to the Queue). From the navigation on the left side of the page, select the Extraction tab.
When you create your own process, you will be redirected to Extraction automatically.
Changes to Settings Bear in mind that changes to the settings will only apply to files sent from the moment these changes are made.

Default fields

For the primary processes, e.g. Invoices and Receipts, we have already set default fields. Among others:
  • Items table
  • Tax table
You can edit these fields - simply click the Edit icon and:
  • Set the Occurrence (one field or many fields)
  • Choose whether this field is mandatory or not
  • Select headers (Items table field has 12 default headers selected, Tax table field - 4).
Once you make your changes - save them by clicking the Save changes button.

Custom fields

How to add a custom field?

Once you are in Extraction view click the + Add new element button. In the case of the primary process, you may have to scroll down through the default fields to find it. You will see the form below:
Add a custom field
Let's go through its elements separately:
  • Field name Set up the right name for your custom field, depending on what type of data you want to extract.
  • Occurrence Choose if your extracted data should appear in one field or many fields. One field - means that the OCR system has to recognize and extract content from a particular column or field within the table. Many fields - means that the OCR system has to recognize and extract content from multiple columns or fields within the table.
  • Mandatory field Choose whether your new element is mandatory or not.
Once you fill in the form click the Save button and your custom table field is ready.

Supervision mode

Extraction list

Once you enter the Supervision mode, your Item table or Tax table fields should be displayed in the extraction list on the right section of the page. From this level, you can either: edit the field by changing its label, copy its value or delete it.

Document viewer

Document viewer may also come in handy at this point.
First, you can open and edit the extracted table just by clicking on it.
Secondly, if one of the tables was not extracted at all, from the Document viewer level you can create a new field by selecting the table area and clicking on the + icon. It will open the following window:
Create new field
In the Type section select Table. Then, choose one of the labels, and click the Create button. Your table should now be a part of the extraction list.
Want to learn more about tables? Check out our table mask and extracted table guides.

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