Document Splitting

Learn how to use the Document Splitting feature in Alphamoon

Thanks to the document splitting feature, Alphamoon automatically separates documents within your large PDF files and organizes them in the UI. This way you can quickly check extracted information separately for each document.

Turn on the Document Splitting feature

In order to turn on the document splitting feature, enter the chosen process and click the Configuration button. You will find it on the top-right.

Next up, open the Document splitting tab in the left-side menu and set 'Enable document splitting'.

Now, Alphamoon will automatically recognize whether your files consist of multiple different documents and separate them for you.

See how Document Splitting works in practice

Let's say you want to process a large PDF file containing multiple invoices. First, upload your documents to Alphamoon and go to the Supervision by clicking on the given file.

Apart from the extracted fields, on the right-hand list you will also find the splitting section. It shows you the number of separate documents our platform was able to find in your file.

Below the splitting section you will find your first separated document along with its type and the corresponding list of captured fields. To see another document and its extracted information, simply scroll down the right-hand section.

You can also navigate your split documents in the left section showing pages' thumbnails.

Explore the Document Splitting edit mode

You can enter the document splitting edit mode in two ways. Either by hovering over the splitting section, clicking three dots that will appear next to it and hitting 'Edit'. Or, by double-clicking on the section.

Once you open the edit mode, you will see that Alphamoon has split and organized documents from your file.

Edit mode enables you to:

  • Change the names of your split documents by clicking the pencil icon next to each of them,

  • Delete documents if necessary using the bin icon,

  • Change the documents' order using the arrows icons,

  • Adjust the order of the documents' pages by dragging & dropping them (also within other documents),

  • Create new documents by clicking the '+Add new document' button and dropping page thumbnails into the new document section,

  • Separate pages into documents by hovering over the space between document pages and clicking the split document icon (see the screenshot below).

Once you finish editing the splitting feature, hit the 'Save' button on the top-right - you will be automatically taken back to the Supervision view.

After exporting the results in the Supervision, each row will correspond to one document.


Now you now how to use our Document Splitting feature.

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