See how to set up converters feature to unify your data formatting
With our converters feature you can now easily unify your data in Alphamoon within one set of documents and keep different types of information in one format.

How to set up Converters

Converters can be set up in the Configuration dashboard. You can set up converters while adding new fields in the configuration dashboard or by editing already existing ones.
Let's say you wish to set the unified date format in your docs.
In order to do that, first, click on the pencil icon to open a panel where formatting can be configured:
Edit existing field
As in this example we want to show how to change the date formatting, we chose the field “Issue date”.
Once you click the pencil icon, a panel where formatting can be configured will pop up:
Choose the format
When changing the format, you'll see that you can choose one of the three predefined types – Number, Date, or Time. Let's select the Date option.
Now, choose one of the four existing definitions that suits best your needs:
Choose definition
Next up, hit the Save changes button at the bottom of the panel.
The change we used as an example will apply to all new documents that you upload to Alphamoon. From now on, all dates extracted from your documents will be exported - e.g. to Excel or Google sheets - in this unified format.
That's it! You now know how to set up converters feature.

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