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Getting set up

Now you decided to take your document automation to a whole new level with Alphamoon Workspace, let's take a look at your setup options.


You can get access to our IDP platform as a:
  • Single-user organization Refers to pricing plans: Free, Pay as you go, Starter, and Standard If you chose one of the above pricing plans it means you join Alphamoon Workspace only with one account. In this option, you will automatically be assigned the Admin role. Bear in mind that in a single-user organization, you cannot invite new users to the platform.
  • Multi-user organization Refers to pricing plan: Professional If you have opted for the Professional pricing plan you join Alphamoon Workspace as a multi-user organization. It means that you can share the platform with your teammates. Members of your organization can use Alphamoon Workspace as Admins or as Users. One of the Admin superpowers is the ability to invite new users to the platform to join forces in the document automation journey.
Admin & User
Click here to learn more about Admin and User permissions.
Check out the following setup guides we have prepared for you describing each case in detail:

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