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Zapier Integration

Learn how to integrate Zapier with Alphamoon Workspace
Zapier is a tool that allows its users to automate tasks by connecting different, popular applications together - the Alphamoon Workspace platform is one of them!
Want to integrate our IDP platform with Zapier? Take a look at the introduction below.

Alphamoon Workspace & Zapier - what you need to know

Alphamoon Workspace has its own Zapier integration, that allows you to populate your processes with new files and use the processed results connecting your Alphamoon Workspace processes to thousands of applications available on Zapier Marketplace.
To achieve this Alphamoon Workspace Zapier integration provides:
  • New processed collection trigger which can be a starting point for you Zap, populating actions with processed collections i.e. to export the results as a spreadsheet and save it on your Google Drive.
  • Create new file processing action that allows you to create a new collection to process using a raw file from the trigger or previous actions i.e. from a new email attachment.
To get access to Alphamoon Workspace - Zapier integration feel free to contact our Customer Success team or use the official invitation link.
Now you have access to Zapier integration see how you can set up your triggers and actions.

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