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See our quick Dashboard walktrough
Welcome to the Dashboard - this is where your document processing journey begins.
On this page, you will learn more about the navigation bar as well as necessary Dashboard functions you will surely find useful along the way.
Let's dive in!


Let's start from the top left of this page. There you can see the organization to which you are currently logged in as well as your current role on the platform - either Admin or User.


Below the Organization section, you will find a Navigation bar. Let's work it out.

User Management (Admin only)

Go to the User Management tab whenever you want to:
  • See the list of users within your organization
  • Edit the user (e.g. assign a role on the platform, assign a user to the process)
  • Disable user
  • Invite users to the platform
Go to the User Management tab to see what actions you can proceed with in detail and go through the most common use cases.

Your profile

Within the Your profile tab you'll find a personal setting section showing your full name, as well as the email address used to log in to Alphamoon Workspace.


This link directs you to the documentation you are reading right now. Apart from the User Guide it also includes useful content in terms of API as well as information regarding security.

Log out

Log out of your current session. You will have to log in to Alphamoon Workspace the next time you visit our platform.
Now you know all the Navigation parts let's take a look at the Dashboard.


Here are all your processes.
Use the search bar to browse your processes by name. You can also filter which processes are visible in the table on the Dashboard by their Type (e.g. Invoices, Receipts, Custom), or Status (Running, Ready, Stopped, or Not Configured).

My processes

The table displays basic information regarding your processes, e.g.:
  • Usage
  • Process type
  • Process name
  • Current status
  • Dates: of creation, or the last modification
  • Number of users assigned to the given process
You can also sort your processes by Type, Name (alphabetically), Status, as well as Date of creation, or last modification.
Each item in the table has three dots on the right-hand side. By clicking on them you can do the following:
You have already mastered the Dashboard. Next up - Queue.

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