How to open, edit, or remove the extracted table?

A step-by-step guide
Want to learn how to open, edit, or remove your extracted table? You are in a good place - we have prepared a quick guide showing you how to fully use the potential of this feature.
Let's get started!

Open the extracted table

If you want to open the extracted table either click on the table field from the extraction list level or select the table in the document viewer. An additional window will pop up at the bottom of the page:
Extracted table

Edit extracted table

You can edit your table by:
  • Adding columns (on the left, on the right) or deleting columns
  • Adding rows (above and below) or deleting rows
  • Change values
Once you finish editing your table, click the Done button next to the table annotation to make sure all your changes are successfully saved.

Remove table

If you want to remove extracted table simply hover on the table field in the extraction list, click on the three buttons, and select the Delete option:
Remove table

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