Alphamoon Workspace as a Trigger

A quick guide on how to set up a Trigger
Want to quickly set up Alphamoon Workspace as a Trigger? See how to do it in just a few steps.
Let's dive in!

What is Trigger?

Trigger refers to an event that initiates a workflow. It is the starting point of a Zap. When a trigger event occurs in one app, Zapier initiates the associated actions in other connected apps. The trigger event could be something like receiving a new email or adding a new file.

How to use Alphamoon Workspace as a Trigger?

First, select “Alphamoon Workspace” from the available apps while setting up the action:
Select Alphamoon Workspace
Select the “New processed collection” event:
New processed collection
Authenticate to Alphamoon Workspace by hitting the “Sign In” button.

Set up the trigger

  • Select the Alphamoon Workspace process you want to use.
  • Select the desired export format (JSON, ZIP, or XLSX).
  • Select whether or not collections with “Needs Review” status should be exported too - by default, only “Accepted” collections are exported.
Set up trigger

Test the trigger

  • You should have at least one processed collection in a selected process that can be read by the trigger.
  • The collection should be available as a dynamic field in Zap actions.
  • Testing ensures that everything is configured correctly and can be used in an automated way.
Looks like you are now a Pro in terms of setting up a Trigger. Time for Actions!

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